World Wide Workers is a Danish company specializing in certified welding and pipe fitting, as well as steel construction & assembly and repair work. We provide services to a wide range of onshore and offshore industries, solving both specialized and traditional welding projects across all material groups on the island of Funen, throughout Denmark, and in the rest of the world. We create value for your company by offering solid, turnkey solutions, fast time-to-market, cost effectiveness, and the best welding qualifications in the market. We can take on such jobs as:

General contracting! 


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  • Procurement consulting
  • Execution
  • Full responsibility for the overall project.




 Complete solutions!

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing in our workshop.
  • From start to finish, one point of contact.



With World Wide Workers as your partner, you get a supplier that is 100 percent dedicated, flexible, and meticulous. We focus on finding a solution for your project, as quickly as possible, and on providing timely delivery as agreed. The four core values that formed the basis for the founding of the company still play a significant role throughout the organization. This is what we expect from our employees, and therefore this is what you can expect of us as well!


Professionalism – Thoroughness – Flexibility – Commitment!


We can be reached around the clock: +45 27 815 815 


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